What You Need to Know About Match Deposit Free Spins

Online casinos use promotions and bonuses to attract potential customers and stay ahead of the competition. Free spins with match deposits are one of the most popular promotions in casino gaming. These are the free spins that casinos offer when you register an account with them and deposit money into the account.

Although there are no deposit free spins too, match deposit free spins are offered as a welcome bonus as a package with other bonuses. Here, you'll find everything you need to know about them and how they work.

How Do Match Deposit Free Spins Work?

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Unlike regular free spins, you can only access them by depositing money into your account. Usually, they come with a deposit bonus, and by depositing the money, you also unlock the bonus.

This offer is also available to existing players. However, it's not called a welcome bonus but falls under the same category as other bonuses. Existing players also access the free spins by depositing money.

For instance, a casino may offer a 100% match bonus up to $300 and 10 free spins on your first deposit as a welcome bonus then more free spins and bonus offers in your subsequent deposits.

Free Spins with Deposit Bonus

As mentioned earlier, the welcome bonus is usually offered as a package consisting of:

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  • A match bonus on the amount you deposited
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  • Free spins on the slot games
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The amount of match bonus and the number of free spins is set by the casino. The bonus can be multi-tiered, available not only on the first deposit but also on several subsequent deposits.

How to Claim Match Bonus Free Spins

Once you have opened your account, most casinos have a minimum amount you should deposit to be eligible for the bonus.

However, you can deposit any amount above that, but the bonus percentile applies to only a certain amount. In the example above, no matter how much you deposit above the minimum amount, you can only receive a maximum of $300.

Once you have deposited the money, you can get the bonus through any of the following ways.

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  • Some casinos may deposit the bonus into your account then notify you through a live chat
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  • Others provide the details of the bonuses you're eligible for through a pop on notification on your screen
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  • You may be given a code to unlock your bonus
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  • Few will require you to notify them of your willingness to access the bonus

What Happens When You Win Money With the Free Spins?

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Any winnings from the promotional spins are credited into your account. However, they are subject to the casino's terms and conditions including the wagering requirements.

Different casinos have different terms to fulfill. Mostly, they'll require a minimum deposit into your account, and you can only play specific games with the match deposit free spins.

What if You Don't Win Anything?

Well, in case you don't win any money, you can only accept the loss and either take some time off playing or continue playing (sometimes with your own money) and take advantage of future benefits - i.e. reload casino bonuses.

Match deposit free spins not only attracts you to the casino but also gives you a chance to win money. The winnings enhance your bankroll, ensuring you have enough money to play with. However, ensure you understand the requirements before signing up for an account to avoid any confusion.